Tuesday, February 22, 2022

[ Field Trial of Application of coir geotextiles in Road Construction at Rajiv Gandhi indoor stadium, Konni, Kerala,India..]

Konni, 4.2 KM from Kollum City a Tourist Center.
Geo Textiles in Konni, Near Kollum City, Kerala.
Roads are essential part of our life. Paved roads are built for the comfort and convenient of the public. The key characteristic of the paved roads and parking lots are their high initial cost, reliability, design life/ length of useful service and cost of maintenance.

For this project 50m length x6.5m wide road constructed using 740GSM coir geotextiles.This road is constructed form Konni-poonkavu main road to Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium open ground.

Coir geo-textiles can be used to stabilize the soil temporarily when construction roads or banks.. Coir geotextiles are being used as a separation cum drainage layer in the road. It is also intended to serve as a reinforcement material in the beginning of the project. Geo-synthetics are widely used in the construction of road all over the world, whereas use of coir geotextiles is very limited in such construction. Only very limited trials on use of coir geotextiles in road construction has been executed in Kerala.

Laying of Coir Geotextiles.

Road construction-progressing.

construction using coir geotextiles.

Low cost.
Long lasting separation of the base and sub grade material.
Preservation of load-bearing capacity.
Ability to extend the life of paved roads.

Laying of Coir Geotextiles
Road construction-progressing.
Road construction using coir geotextiles.



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