Saturday, March 20, 2021

[ My frustrations on my Domain or Blog.]

I had my blog when I had a google blog on my career or profession. An invitation came from a source if I needed a blog or a domain. I knew only how to easily create a blog 25 years ago. I was unaware of the way I could make a domain. I knew that to make a domain it was necessarily one must have a knowledge (It was my thinking.)When I received the invitation from a source that I could have a URL starting with was a crazy to have it easily and go over from blog to domains world and the cost was just around 10$ only.
Soon my signature in all my e-mails sent, was my URL of my website. Every year I went on renewing and paid the amount properly at the appropriate time. In this month of March 2021 I was asked by my domain authority's to pay a huge amount. I paid with a digital payment before due date on 3rd of March 2021.The due date was on 7th of March 2021.
to be contd...