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[Textile ministry clears 20 technical textile projects in specialty fibres and geotextiles.]

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Textile ministry clears 20 technical textile projects in specialty fibres and geotextiles

Textile ministry clears 20 technical textile projects in specialty fibres and geotextiles

Speciality fibers coming under technical textiles means these fibers can also come under apperal fabrics.
What are these fibers and who is manufacturing these fibers, only those who studied the projects can say.
Who studied the proposal and how much money was sanctioned 
Is a question for which we need to know. The money sanctioned 
It is tax payers money.
Previous year also few people took money under some proposal.
But today we do not know how it is used.
Textile Industry under NTC is idle and workers are paid for no work to avoid disputes.
Govt on the other hand sanctioning money for various projects
bothering about NTC mills completely closed in many states and ALL NTC mills 6 mills which were working were stopped and workers sent home paying VRS ( voluntary retirement scheme ) invented to pay huge sums running in billions on one side and creating some missions with some groups and sanction
Crores in installments to various parties and different groups not bothering about investment returns.
By the time any inquiry is made the new politician would be another textile minister. Who so ever is the present Textile Minister may have gone and have not added anything worth writing about. 
During past 7 years, 3 Textile Ministers have gone after selling 3 NTC mills and present minister is only a part time textile minister.
The proposal given by Kerala MP Shri N K Premachandran Ji has received that his proposal is received but govt has no proposal for for his proposal.
Has the Govt not received a proposal like Shri Premachandra MP, is his proposal not accepted?, Has 'Technical Textile Mission' rejected? "is not clear".
What proposal other than Shri N K Premachandran M P Kollum, Kerala who has given a proposal to start a Research Oriented Textile Mill in Nano Technical textile mill manufacturing and for all 6 NTC mills of Kerala manufacturing only Textile Mills in all 12 branches of TECHNICAL TEXTLE under DRDO and not by the non performing NTC? 
Who has given a better proposal and giving a private a textile mill being given a few Crores for Geo Textiles and Speciality fibers manufacturing a cocktail of some Technical Textiles receiving the amount to update perhaps his mill by indirect grant and who knows the terms and conditions?
May I request Shri N K Premachandra to resubmit his Proposal which is highly a project of GOVERNMENT OF THE FUTURE by our Hon PM of INDIA. 
Here is a Research report on Construction Textiles for Information, We don't do any research why?
A member of LokShaba submits a proposal but he is told there is no such proposal.

The Key Players Of The Global Construction Textile Market Are:

1) Royal Tencate

2) GSE Environmental

3) Low & Bonar

4) Fibertex Nonwoven

5) Sioen Industries

6) Sattler AG

7) Saint-Gobain

8) Taiyo Kogyo Corporation

9) Serge Ferrari

10 Hiraoka & Co. Ltd.

11) Endutex Coated Technical Textiles

12) Verseidag-Indutex GmbH

13) Hightex GmbH

14) Bonar Technical Fabrics

15) Hanes Geo Components

16) Mattex Geosynthetics

17) NAUE GmbH

18) Officine Maccaferri

19) Polymer Group

20) Propex Operating Company

21) Raven Industries👇

22) Reliance Industries*

23) Tenax Corporation

24) TenCate Geosynthetics

25) Tensar International

26) Thrace-LINQ

Only 21👆/22* Looks like the INDIAN TEXTILE Industries above is Considered for Research Study.

A sample Research Report:Source:

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