Saturday, November 20, 2021

[ What is Dipped Nylon Fabric.]

Nylon Dipped Fabrics.

Nylon Mesh (Greige) fabric has very poor adhesion to rubber. Therefore, it is impregnated with an RFL (Resorcinol - Formaldehyde - Latex) solution which acts as a bonding agent between fabric and rubber.
The dipped fabric is hot stretched to reduce the effect of thermal shrinkage in a process known as heat setting. It is passed through different ovens to create adhesion with rubber, thus imparting dimensional stability. Dipped, heat-set fabric add high strength and adhesion, fatigue resistance and impact resistance.
Chafer Fabrics.

Chafer Fabrics are specialty fabrics used in the manufacture of heavy-duty tyre, especially to protect the side walls of the tyre. The fabric is offered in both wicking & non-wicking types in constructions of 420, 840 and 1260 Denier.
Nylon dipped chafer fabric which is mainly applied in tyre rims, is the auxiliary material for rubber tyre. It has the advantages of high tension and adhesion, and it is broadly suitable to bus tyre, engineering equipment tyre, aircraft tyre and radial tyre, etc.
Specification: We can offer good quality nylon chafer fabrics such as 420D/1 × 420D/1, 840D/1 × 840D/1, 1260D/1×1260D/1, etc..

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