Saturday, May 2, 2020

[ I T M E AFRICA - Services to the Business Community. ]

INDIA  ITME  Society.


Established as a nonprofit Industry body In 1980, India ITME Society today is the back bone of Textile Engineering Industry & the best Catalyst for Technological Excellence, weaving success story for Textiles & Textile Engineering Industry not only in India, but across the globe.

India ITME is unique in its kind of Exhibitions, as it strengthens the industry by escalating Textile Manufacturing, supporting in building avant-garde manufacturing infrastructure by Technology up gradation, fostering Innovation, facilitating Exchange of Knowledge and encouraging Foreign Direct Investments & Joint Ventures, without compromising on enhancing skills and traditional strengths of the hand-woven sector.

India ITME Exhibition Series is an unparalleled milestone of Textile and Textile Engineering Industry in India. We specially focus on emerging markets in Asia, Middle East & Africa. With the prime motive of bringing highly modern and up to date Textile Technology to Africa and offer prosperity through new Textile Technologies, along with ancillary and allied industries.

India ITME Society welcomes you to the latest strategic business event ITME Africa 2020.
Ethiopian Chamber Of Commerce And Sectoral Associations (ECCSA)


The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA), an autonomous, not-for-profit, non-partisan and membership-based private sector organization is an apex body among Chambers and Sectoral Associations in Ethiopia. It has eighteen members including nine Regional Chambers of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, two City Chambers of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, one National Chamber of Sectoral Associations and six Sectoral Associations organized at national level.

ECCSA has been providing different services to the business community, whilst safeguarding the overall rights and benefits of its members. It has actively been promoting and publicizing products and services of the country, serving as a bridge between the business community and the Government.

Prosperity for Africa Through Textile Technology.

 Vision India ITME Society & ECCSA have come together to facilitate open ended opportunities for the Rising Star of Africa – Textile Industry and its peers. Together are committed to helping people and organizations reach their full potential.


  • India ITME Society & ECCSA believe in the power of partnerships. To work collaboratively with our partners to develop solutions that fit the unique needs of Industry and nation. 
  •  India ITME Society & ECCSA together possess the ability encourage innovation and formulate the future.
  • India ITME Society & ECCSA are proactive thinkers. Think of Textile as Africa’s next treasure, alluring endless opportunities and business for the country.
  • India ITME Society - believing in support is the new success - goes hand in hand with ECCSA to help business, societies and the country grow, stay healthy and thrive.
    PARTICIPATED COUNTRIES: India, Ethiopia, USA, Europe, China, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & All African Countries.
    Source: India ITME Society.
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    Ms.Seema Srivastav, Executive Director. INDIA ITME Society, 
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