Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Mr.Ramanna Anand has been associated with ITAMMA since the early 1960s and is among the senior-most Trustees of the Association. He was involved in some of the defining contributions of ITAMMA to the textile engineering industry during the licence raj era.
During his tenure as President, Mr.Anand along with colleagues in ITAMMA were able to persuade the Government of India to modify certification terms for imports of components and exclude bill discounting from bank credit limits thereby helping members operate in a more efficient manner
A more defining moment in Mr.Anand's entrepreneurial life has been popularising export-oriented industries in the field of textiles. As a Vice President of the All India Association of 100% EOUs, Delhi, he focused policymakers attention on the needs to support the industry as it chartered a new path to growth and success and this was seen in the setting up of India's first 100%EOUs in Cotton Spinning & terry towels.
He introduced mills to new technologies like textile Air Engineering and this enabled established exports and even smaller spinning and weaving units to access global technology that improved the quality of their production.
Mr.Anand has also been associated with industries other than textiles. His mentoring MSME units in the engineering industries have been niche, custom-built components being produced for a variety of applications with clients ranging from ISRO to G.E. He played a role in expanding the market for locally produced automobile springs at a time when this key component was entirely imported.
Mr Anand has been on the board of some reputed textile mills, the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry earlier of EU Chamber of Commerce in India.
A transformation is underway in India and for the textile industry, this has meant greater security on responsible and sustainable production process which in turn impacts us in the engineering and machinery sector.
With the guidance and vision of Rammanna Anand, ITAMMA is confident of serving the industry by enabling members to meet these challenges.
Republished with Permission from Mr.R. Anand.

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