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[Increasing Consumer Awareness to Fuel Adoption of Membrane Microfiltration Market. ]

Increasing Consumer Awareness to Fuel Adoption of Membrane 
Micro-filtration Market.
September 1, 2019 Ethan Business, Healthcare 0 The global membrane micro-filtration market should reach $3.7 billion by 2023 from 
$2.4 billion in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 
of 9.0% for the 
period 2018 to 2023.

Report Scope:

This report examines the market for MF membrane products 
as reflected by the 
major applications of the technology: food and beverage 
biopharmaceuticals manufacture, potable water production, 
wastewater treatment, 
industrial processes, and semiconductor fabrication. 
Five-year projections are 
provided for market activity and value. Industry structure, 
membrane applications 
and trends, pricing considerations, research and development 
(R&D), government
regulations, company profiles, and competitive technologies are 
covered by the 

The report is a study of the global market as applied to liquid 
Analysis will not include membranes in the MF pore size 
range for air and/or 
gas separations or membranes for non-separating applications 
such as technical 
textiles or diagnostic kits. Medical devices based on MF 
membranes will not be 
addressed either. Values are given in U.S. dollars; 
forecasts are made in constant 
U.S. dollars, and growth rates are compounded. Sales of 
membranes refer to the sale of
membranes packaged as modules, capsules, cartridges, cassettes, 
or other devices 
in which the membranes are housed. Pressure vessels, 
housings, pumps, piping, 
controls, or other system.
components are not included in the market values. Report For Report Sample with Table of Contents@:-

Report Includes:

– 26 data tables and 16 additional tables – An overview of the global market for membrane micro-filtration within the 

– Analyses of global market trends with data from 2017 to 2018, 
and projections 
of CAGRs through 2023
– Examination of MF membrane products by the major 
applications of the 
technology: food and beverage processing, 
biopharmaceuticals manufacture, 
potable water production, wastewater treatment, 
industrial processes and 
semiconductor fabrication
– Statistics on markets, applications, industry structure 
and dynamics 
along with technological developments
– Information on the global market as applied to liquid 
analysis will not include membranes in the MF 
pore-size range for air 
and/or gas separations, or for non-separating 
applications such as technical 
textiles or diagnostic kits
– Discussion of pricing considerations, R&D, government regulations and 
competitive technologies
– Profiles of major players in the industry, including 3M, Alfa Laval, 
General Electric, Kubota Corp., Microdyn-Nadir GmbH, Sartorius and Synder 


The global membrane microfiltration market was worth over 
REDACTED in 2017. 
It is expected to exceed REDACTED in 2018 and 
REDACTED in 2023, with a CAGR of 
REDACTED between 2018 and 2023. Drivers for growth 
include regulations, industry 
standards, consumer demand, and the need to replace 
aging and/or outdated 
existing equipment. The most important driver is 
governmental regulation imposed by agencies, 
including environmental and health agencies, especially in 
China, which lacks a 
clean reliable water infrastructure capable of meeting 
industry demands.
Ultrafiltration, the longevity of membrane life (anywhere 
from one year to 10 
years), and the maturity of the industry are the biggest 
barriers to growth. 
Although some companies offer OEMmembranes (to be converted 
by another party), the industry is increasingly moving 
toward turnkey modularization, targeting not just the membrane or 
even filter 
cartridges,but complete systems.

The industry is also roughly divided into two profit streams: 
industrial and 
biopharmaceutical. By price per volume and replacement, 
the most profitable area 
is in bio-pharmaceutical filtration and labs. Purity 
level need, increasing global 
customers, and the constant need to change out filters mean 
that the same material 
will demand a higher price and will be continuously reordered.

Industrial filtration faces tough challenges as it will be the 
most cost-driven 
and the most reliant on governmental infrastructure spending 
and the economy. Also, with membrane life expectancies at such high 
levels, the revenue generated from replacement filters will be far 
less than revenue from new filters going into new plants.

However, the increased use of industrial water reclamation and 
recycling offers 
nother avenue of growth. Regulations offer more business 
as they are implemented. 
At the same time, with water scarcity becoming an issue, 
production facilities are increasing their water independence. 
In other cases, water purity has a direct correlation with system 
performance, such as in power plants.

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Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing demand increasing 
levels of water 
purity and are often situated in areas with poor water quality. 
These industries have water with high solid counts that fall into the 
microfiltration range, and they handle aggressive chemicals with high 
solid content. This opens the door not only to commodity materials but 
also to specialty pore–size and high-end materials such as 
polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). However, this industry will be 
dependent on government regulations and manufacturing capacity 
expansion, as the use of cross-flow filtration will have some 
filters lasting five years before change-out is necessary.

In food and beverage production, MF is a standard treatment for 
certain dairy industry processes, including the removal of bacteria from skim milk and the removal of soluble proteins from milk prior to cheese making. MF also is used in producing new milk-based liquid and dry ingredients and lowcarbohydrate dairy beverages with high protein content. Juice, wine, beer, and vinegar clarification and stabilization also are commonplace. For separations in extreme food processing conditions, manufacturers have developed durable ceramic, silicon, and other membrane materials that resist fouling, heat, chemicals, and repeated exposure to hot water and caustics.

Membrane Microfiltration Market


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