Friday, August 2, 2019

Workers Problems Mess of Mills.

With new machines production went up.The workers soon realized that they were paid the same wages and were giving more production.The workers unions soon put up demands for higher wages.This was soon followed by the administrative staff unions. 

The Officers were in no mood to work in the same mills.They found new jobs with higher pay packets and perks.

Technical staff were shifting from mills to mills.

 A sea change was now coming in the textile mills all over the textile capitols in the country.
Few mills silently went ahead with their business with no fuss and making rapid changes in the management technique.To keep the workers from demanding higher wages,the payment of yearly Bonus was kept at increasing levels.those mills who could not pay formed a cartal and it was given a name"The Mill Owner's Association"
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 NOW ALL NEW MILLS were set up almost in all states.

There were few more co-op mills.

There were mills called Factories.

There were mills taken apart and put up seperately.

There was a Mess of Mills.

There were unlicened Mills.

There were Mills in Jungle like estates exporting fabrics.

Most of the Mills were working like Pan Shops.

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