Saturday, June 15, 2019

[ Our Textile Technological Institutes are doing what Research.]

Since it was founded in 1985 on an initiative by the Generalitat Valenciana, through the Institute of Valencian Small and Medium-Sized Industries (IMPIVA), the Textile Technological Institute –AITEX– has strengthened its position as a reference centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services for the textile, clothing and technical textile industry.

AITEX is a private non-profit making association, made up of textile companies and companies in similar sectors, their main objective is to improve the sector’s competitiveness. For this reason, the institute encourages modernisation and the introduction of emerging and new technologies through R&D projects and in general, through actions which contribute to the industrial progress of the sector.

As a consequence, the task of the Textile Technological Institute is closely bound to companies in the sector, either through the advanced technical services that the Institute offers or through the research projects ordered by companies - which are absolutely confidential-, or through projects financed with public funds, in which case the results are reinvested in the sector.

AITEX is registered with number 36 in the Register of Innovation and Technology Centres and with number 115 in the Office Register of Transference of Research Results (OTRI). It is a member of the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Organizations (FEDIT), and it is also a member of the Comunidad Valenciana Technological Institutes Organization (REDIT), as well as a member of different national and international organisations.

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