Wednesday, August 8, 2018

[ Technical Textiles - LITRAX - Thoughts Become Things - L9 ANTIBACTERIAL.]

Sweat attracts bacteria. And bacteria mostly produce odor. To protect your garments from smelling unpleasantly, use
L9 ANTIBACTERIAL for a permanent anti-odor effect.
L9 will stop the growth of odor-producing bacteria on fabrics or garments. It also prevents various other nasty bacteria's from growing.

Your natural perspiration is not disturbed by L9, and your skin can naturally breath. Nanoparticles of L9 are large enough not to penetrate the skin. Be deodorized and feel safe with L9…

L9 Nano Particles equip fibers with unique Antibacterial Properties.

Antibacterial Material Options include Gold, Nano Silver, Cuprous Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Chitosan and other Bacteria killing Activators.

L9 Antibacterial Particles reduce Bacteria propagation by attacking directly the cell wall and DNA of a target Bacteria Once in touch with.

L9 Particles, the Bacteria slowly dies or disintegrates.

L9 Fibers reduce effectively Bacteria related Odor When placed at the skin side

L8 Active Carbon releases pleasant FIR warmth,L8 combines FIR Emission with UV Protection and Odor Absorption The FIR also provides healthy blood circulation enhancement.

Designed for Sportswear, Fashion and Home textiles, L9 helps protecting Textiles and the Body to be Odor and Bacteria-free

LITRAX - Thoughts Become Things

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