Thursday, February 1, 2018

[ One of the Best Mills I have seen,]

 We were on the way to Rameswaram and we saw few spinning mills that were right next to the highway No.44, being a Textile Technocrat I stopped my car at one of the mills and tried to meet the General Manager of a mill and sent my visiting card which said that I am an Ex.M D of a textile mill which I commissioned which was a Technical Textile Mill. The person who interviewed me on phone from the Main Gate wanted to know the purpose of my visit, I said that his mills were very impressive from the NH44 and wanted to compliment him in person. He must have got scared thinking that I was a textile spy trying to copy his technology and he a General Manager who had perhaps had no such power to allow a technical man to see his mill told me that they do not entertain anyone with such request. I told him to accept my compliments and said goodbye and got in my car.My driver who was new had not seen any textile mill was disappointed. My wife also was angry that while I allowed every school Kid and gave standing Orders to allow anyone who came to visit the mills should be allowed to see my mill and should also be sent after giving them a cup of Tea was not allowed to see the GM of the most important person of the mill. I told my wife to respect the rules of that mill and drove away from that Mills. My driver who knew me was disappointed that he could not see a spinning mill. 

A few KM on the highway my driver stopped the car and told me to see if  I could talk to the GM of another mill on the same road a mill which looked very much better than the previous mill welcoming a visitor with hundreds of coconut trees.

Luckily for me, the General Manager Mr.B.Raja Rathinam of this mill ( M/s.Pandian Textile Mills (P) Ltd,) had no hesitation to show me the mills which were seen working very well with high emphasis on cleanliness of the mill's well-kept machinery and the entire premises kept scrupulously clean with wide alley space, good lighting, humidity, working conditions for workmen, material transporting system etc.The young technically qualified Mill Manager told me the mills had a good testing and quality control staff also I was very happy to see this mill.
Pandian Textiles Mills (P) Ltd.,
Kasipalyam,Vedesantur Tlq,Dindugal,Tamil Nadu 624711


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