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[ Technical Textiles.]

  Technical textiles are advanced textiles known for their excellent 
functional properties and technical performance. An exciting multidisciplinary 
field with exhaustive applications in various industries, technical textiles 
is poised to witness strong growth. Supported by superior performance 
attributes, applications of technical textiles are far reaching, 
ranging from simple use in agriculture, furnishing, packaging and clothing 
to the more complicated filtration, construction, medical, automotive, and 
environmental protection applications. Robust growth in construction and 
infrastructure projects, increasing automobile production, and rising demand 
from the healthcare sector, represent key factors driving growth in the market.
Growth prospects also emerge from government regulations mandating the use of 
technical textiles such as geosynthetics in all infrastructure development 
projects. Rising income levels, rapid urbanization, strong industrialization, 
expanding manufacturing base, growing middle class population, and aging 
population are other macro factors that bode well for the growth of technical 
textiles. Continuous research and development, as a result of increased focus
of manufacturers and researchers alike in bringing innovative products to the
market, is poised to propel growth in the future. Advanced technological
breakthroughs in textile technologies used in medical applications have expanded 
the application scope from simple wound-dressing products to sophisticated 
products used in surgeries and diagnostics. Nanotechnology is an emerging 
production technology for technical textiles. Driven by strong research and 
development, nanotechnology is expected to overtake current knitting, weaving and 
thermoforming technologies. Another major trend positively impacting the 
market is the migration of production technologies towards technical textiles, 
given the increased margin of returns on investments. As stated by the new 
market research report on Technical Textiles, Asia-Pacific represents the 
largest as well as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 6.9% over the
analysis period. Strong demand from manufacturing, industrial, automotive and 
construction sectors; steady economic growth; favorable government policies; 
and numerous infrastructure development projects in the pipeline are factors
spurring growth in the region. Mobile Textiles represents the largest market 
segment, while Construction Textiles is witnessing the fastest growth with a
CAGR of 6.1% over the review period. Major players in the market include 3M,
Ahlstrom Corporation, Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation, Borgers AG , Delfingen
Industry S.A, DSM Dyneema BV , DuPont de Nemours & Co., Fibertex Nonwovens A/S, 
Freudenberg Nonwovens, GSE Environmental Inc., Hindoostan Technical Fabrics Limited, 
Huesker Synthetic GmbH, Johns Manville, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Lenzing Plastics
GmbH & Co KG, Low & Bonar PLC, NAUE Geosynthetics Limited,
Officine Maccaferri S.p.A., Polymer Group Inc., Royal Ten Cate, SGL Group, Strata 
Systems Inc., Teijin Limited, and TWE Group GmbH, among others. 
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Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations 
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level 
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics 
Product Definitions and Scope of Study 


Technical Textiles - 'The Sunshine Sector' 
Current and Future Analysis 
Traditional Technical Textiles - The Dominant Category 
Asia-Pacific Dominates the Market 
Competitive Landscape - Players in Developed Countries
Gain Upper Hand in Higher- end Segments 

Technical Textiles Moving beyond Traditional Applications 
Medical Textiles - A Growing Market Niche 
Increasing Demand for Geotextiles from Developing Regions 
Vendors Focus on Research and Development 
Spunmelt Market for Non-wovens Maintains Strong Growth Momentum 
Optimistic Global Economic Outlook for 2015 & Beyond Augurs Well for the Market 
Increasing Automotive Production - A Major Growth Driver for Mobile Textiles 
Positive Outlook for the Global Construction Industry Benefits Construction Textiles 
Rising Investments in Infrastructure Projects Strengthens Market Prospects 
Shift Towards Spunbonds 
Growing Population - A Major Growth Driver for Technical Textiles Market 
Global Population Statistics - Opportunity Indicators 
Technology Innovations to Spearhead Growth 
Low-Pressure Plasma Treatment to Improve Filtration Efficiency of Textiles 
DNA Markers for Textiles - Applied DNA Sciences Develops SigNature® T DNA Marker 
Teijin and Kansai University Create Foremost Piezoelectric Fabric 
Researchers at University of Burgos Develop Smart Tags to Evaluate Freshness of Packaged 
Fish AnanasAnam Develops PiñatexT Nonwoven Textile from Pineapple Leaves 
DuPont Protection Technologies Develop Cut Resistant Glove with Kevlar® Engineered Yarns 
Mazda Motor and Mitsubishi Chemicals Develop Advanced Biofabric for Interior and Exterior 
Car Parts Honeywell Develops Spectra® HT High Strength Fiber 
Plasma Treatment and Nanotechnology to Offer Multifunctional Cotton Fabrics with Superior 
Properties Vestagen Technical Textiles Develops myComfort Hospital Patient Garment Range 
Kimberly-Clark Health Care Develops Fabric that Offers Prevention of Fluid Penetration 
for Surgical Gowns PPSS Group Develops Innovative Fabric that Protects People from Cut
and Slash Related Injuries Nano Labs Applies for Provisional Patent for Advanced Hemostatic 
Material Teijin Develops New Type of Meta-Aramid Fiber with Excellent Heat-Resistance 

Technical Textiles - Advanced Fibers for Technical Applications 
Production of Technical Textiles - An Overview 
Primary Web Forming Techniques 
Classification of Technical Fibers 
Mobile Textiles 
Car Interiors 
Seat Belts 
Air Bags 
Tyre Cord Fabrics 
Medical Textiles 
Extra Corporeal Devices 
Implantable and Non-Implantable Medical Textiles 
Surgical Dressings 
Industrial Textiles 
Sports Textiles 
Construction Textiles 
Road Construction 
Erosion Control 
Rock Fall Protection 
Residential Textiles 
Clothing Textiles 
Agro Textiles 
Plant Nets 
Bird Protection Nets 
Harvesting Nets 
Turf Protection Nets 
Root Ball Nets 
Mulch Mats 
Nets to Cover Pallets 
Packing Materials for Agro Products 
Other Textiles 
Packaging Textiles 
Environment Textiles 

Formax Unveils Carbon Multiaxial Fabrics for Motorsports and Sporting Goods 
Biovation Introduces BioarmourT Blood Pressure Cuff Shield 
Suominen Launches FibrellaT Perf Spunlace for the South American Medical Markets 
Suominen Launches FibrellaT Lite Spunlace 
LifeThreads Launches a New Line of Medical Apparel Treated with Antimicrobial Ingredient 
MCR Safety Unveils Novel Glove with DuPontT Kevlar® Technology 
National Safety Apparel Introduces CARBON ARMOURT Technology 
Bulwark Introduces iQ SeriesT Comfortable FR Apparel 
Ahlstrom Unveils Ahlstrom VaporCoolT SMS Fabric for Single-Use Surgical Scrub Suits 
Ahlstrom Launches Ahlstrom TrustShieldT Surgical Drapes 
Ahlstrom Introduces Ahlstrom TenderGuardT SMS Fabric for Surgical Gowns 
DuPont Introduces DuPontT Nomex® MHP Fabrics 

Heytex Group Takes Over BondCote 
AstenJohnson Acquires Eagle Nonwovens 
Enviratex to Distribute Swela Fabrics Products 
Dupont and Adidas Ink Trademark License Agreement 
Delfingen Acquires Langendorf and Subsidiary 
AstenJohnson Acquires Eagle Nonwovens 
Hexcel Takes Over 50% Stake in Formax 
Industrial Opportunity Partners Takes Over Vita Nonwovens 
Trelleborg Acquires Two Coated Fabrics Specialists 
Tex Tech Takes Over Universal Carbon Fibres 
Milliken Takes Over Westex 
Tex Tech Industries Acquires Chapman Innovations 
Indorama Acquires 80% Stake in PHP Fibers 
Brand & Oppenheimer Takes Over Performance Textiles 
The US Army to Integrate Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology in New Body Armor 
Auburn Wins a Five-Year Contract to Provide AMI-SIL® Fabric to the US Navy 
Safe Reflections Obtains Two Contracts to Supply Reflective Material for the US Air Force 
Training Apparel TenCate to Provide TenCate DefenderT M for Dutch Army 
FORMAX to Establish Automotive Production Facility at Leicestershire 
Freudenberg Nonwovens Upgrades Spunlaid Manufacturing Facilities 
Highland Industries to Expand Cheraw Production Site 
PGI to Expand Manufacturing Facility in Waynesboro 
PGI Takes Over Providencia 
PGI Expands Spinlace® Technology in Benson Manufacturing Plant 
Jacob Holm Takes Over DuPontT Sontara® Business 
Freudenberg to Acquire Hänsel Brand Interlinings Business 
Beaulieu Technical Textiles Establishes New Production Site in China 
Ahlstrom Introduces Nonwovens Technology in Medical Market 
Ivanovo Inks an Agreement with Riko to Construct New Technical Textiles Plant in 
Ivanovo Region Four German Textile Companies Plan to Associate with Textile Industries in
Gujarat PGI to Establish New Manufacturing Plant in China 
PGI Acquires Fiberweb 
Low & Bonar to Take Over Texiplast 
Bonar TF Integrates with Colbond and Operates with New Name Bonar 
Freudenberg Establishes Re-Granulation Unit in Kaiserslautern Facility 
Freudenberg to Expand Production Capacities for Evolon® 

3M (US) 
Agru America, Inc. (US) 
Ahlstrom Corporation (Finland) 
American & Efird LLC (US) 
Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation (Japan) 
Belton Industries, Inc. (US) 
Borgers AG (Germany) 
CTM Technical Textiles Ltd. (India) 
Delfingen Industry S.A (France) 
DSM Dyneema BV (Netherlands) 
DuPont de Nemours & Co. (US) 
Fibertex Nonwovens A/S (Denmark) 
Freudenberg Nonwovens (Germany) 
Global Synthetics Pty. Ltd. (Australia) 
GSE Environmental, Inc. (US) 
Hanes Geo Components (US) 
Hindoostan Technical Fabrics Limited (India) 
Huesker Synthetic GmbH (Germany) 
Johns Manville (US) 
Kimberly-Clark Corporation (US) 
Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG (Austria) 
Low & Bonar PLC (UK) 
Milliken & Company (US) 
NAUE Geosynthetics Limited (UK) 
Officine Maccaferri S.p.A. (Italy) 
Polymer Group Inc. (US) 
Propex Operating Company LLC (US) 
Royal Ten Cate (Netherlands) 
SGL Group (Germany) 
SKAPS Industries (US) 
SRF Limited (India) 
Strata Systems, Inc. (US) 
Supreme Nonwovens Pvt. Ltd. (India) 
Techfab India (India) 
Teijin Limited (Japan) 
Thrace Group (Greece) 
TWE Group GmbH (Germany) 




Total Companies Profiled: 135 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 145) 

The United States (32) 
Canada (5) 
Japan (7) 
Europe (70) 
- France (3) 
- Germany (19) 
- The United Kingdom (11) 
- Italy (5) 
- Spain (2) 
- Rest of Europe (30) 
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (26) 
Latin America (1) 
Africa (1) 
Middle East (4) 


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Electronic (1 - 5 Users): USD 6300
Electronic (1 - 10 Users): USD 8550
Electronic (1 - 15 Users): USD 10800

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