Thursday, August 8, 2013


How can there be laughter and joy when the world is always burning? Enveloped in darkness, why do you not seek the light? Dhammapada, verse 146 The stones which were thrown at me- When I picked it up, one of them was a jewel. Japanes poem A team of the fastest horses cannot over- take a word once as left the lips. Old Chinese saying. The perfect way is difficult only for those who pick and choose... MASTER SENG-T'SAN Third patrirch of Chinese ch'an/Zen,d.606 For those with preferences, suffering is inevitable. AJAHN BRAHMAMUNI thai monk The Great WAy is serene and all-embracing, in it nothing is easy, nothing is difficult; partial views-douubtful and insecure- at times run riot and are prone to cling. MASTER SENG-T'SAN Third patriarch of ch'an/Zen,d.606 Eighty percent is perfect! Zen saying The past should not be followed after, the future not desired. What is past is got rid of and the future has not come. But whoever has vision now here, now there,of a present thing, knowing that it is immovable,unshakeable, Let him cultivate it. Swelter at the task this very day. Who knows whether he will die tomarrow? There is no bargaining with the great hosts of Death. BUDDHA Try not to live as if time were a reality which can steal away your life. Life is short, yet the moment transcends eternity. Zen Graffiti Whatever is past is past, so do not sit in judgement upon it.Whatever is in the future is not here yet, so do not direct your hopes and longings towards it. HUI HAI Chinese ch'an/zen Master,720-814 Even though the body may yeild to death, the mind in a state of nirvana does not die. BUDDHADASA BHIKKHU Thai meditation monk That which ye sow ye reap. See yonder fields! The sesamum was sesamum the corn was corn. The Silence and the Darkness knew! So is a man's fate born. SIR EDWIN ARNOLD The Light of Asia. The way is perfect and complete like boundless space; nothings is lacking, nothing redundant, but,because the mind continues to make distinctions, its suchness is obscured. MASTER SENG-T' SAN third patriarch of Chinese Ch'an/zen,d.606 That which comes in through the front door is not the family treasure, Zen saying A foolish passing thought makes one an ordinary man, while an enlightened second thought makes one a buddha. MASTER HUI NENG sixth patriarch og chinese ,Ch'an/zen,638-713 As a solid rock is not shaken by the wind, even so are the wise unshaken by blame or praise. Dhamapada,verse 81 Even as the light of a lamp can break up darkness which has been there for a thousand years, so a spark of wisdom can do away with ignorance which has lasted for ages. sixth patrich of Chinese Ch'an/Zen,638-713 Buddha, who wept with all my brothers'tears' whose heart was broken by a whole world's woe, laugh and glad, reclining,this will then be tfor there is liberty! Ho!Ye who suffer!Know Ye suffer from yourselves. None else compels, none other holds you that ye live and die, and whirl upon the wheel, and hug and kiss its spokes of agony.... SIR EDWIN ARNOLD The light of asia If one can, during the morning and evening, keep the heart completely without differentiation whether walking, standing, sitting, or reclining,this will then be the infestation of a buddha. It is not necessary to use the mind or to employ one's strength,or to produce or construct anything.One should not trouble oneself the least chatter or contemplation. Therefore. we say to achive buddhahood is the simplest of things! MASTER HSU YUN Chinese Ch'an Where one has awoken to the sameness of everything' there is the great enlightenment. VAIROCANA a symbolic buddha,Mahayana school Where one has awoken to the sameness of everything, of the buddhas. there is the great enlightenment. VAIROCANA asymbolic buddha,Mahayana school Refrain from all evil, do what is good, cleanse your own thoughts. This is the advice of the buddhas. Dhamapada, verse 183 Mind, Buddha and living beings do not differ from one another. HUI HAI Chinese Ch/en Master,720-814 Whosoever says that the Tathagata*goes or comes,stands,sits or lies down,he does not under- stand the meaning of my teaching. And why?Tathagata's is called one who has not gone anywhere,nor come from anywhere. Therefore is he called 'the Tathagata'the Archat, the fully Enlightened One.' *The Buddha referred to himself as the Tathagata,a word meaning 'thus come,' 'the one who neither comes nor goes.' It is through your own bodies that reality is perceived in the same manner. VIMALAKIRTI Laymana at the time of the Buddha Mahayana school Is material shapes permanent or impermanent? Impermanent,revered sir, But is what is impermanent painful or pleasant? Painful, reversed sir. And is it impermanent,suffering, liable to change,as This is mine,this am I this is myself? No reversed sir. Buddha speaking to his monks Whatever is material shapes, past,future,present,subjective or objective, gross or subtle,mean or excellent, Whether it is far or near-all material shape should be seen by perfect intuitive wisdom as it really is: This is not mine,this amInot, this is not my self.'

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