Sunday, October 21, 2012

[ Technical Textiles - New film stretching plant for mf-folien.]

The Lindauer DORNIER GmbH supplied one more film 
production line for biaxially oriented polyamide film 
to a local company. Polyamide (PA) film in general is 
used for food packaging. Also in the sector of film 
production lines for different materials DORNIER is 
one of the global market leaders, though nearly 100 % of 
these plants are sold abroad. Particularly in countries 
with hot climate such as China, India and Mexico there is 
an increasing demand for packaging film.

This order was placed with DORNIER in 2009, it is already 
the second line which will be supplied to the company mf-folien, 
a medium sized enterprise located in Kempten in the Allgäu 
region. Headed by its founder and owner Max Müller this 
company is the European market leader in PA film production 
and manufactures PA cast film since many years. With the 
DORNIER line the film is being stretched to a final width 
of 5300 mm resulting in a final film thickness of 12 to 25 µm 
only. For comparison: one micrometer equals 
a thousandth millimeter, a human hair indeed has a thickness of 
70 micrometer.The plant - designed in a special compact 
construction but still with a length of approx. 100 meter 
- is estimated to start up in the middle of September 2010 
and will produce about 5500 tons first-class PA film a year. 
On this line the cast film is cooled, after this stretched, 
first in longitudinal direction and secondly in transverse 
direction which means oriented and finally wound to rolls 
on coils.

For the application in food packagings the PA film is coated 
(adhesively bonded) with a PE film. By the combination of both 
materials humidity is able to exhaust, on the other hand the 
flavor will be kept within the wrapping. Besides the PA layer 
can be printed. The company of Max Müller not only is specialized 
on this kind of PA film but also on films which have been 
specifically developed for the production of composite materials 
(glass/carbon) applied in aircraft construction as well 
as naval architecture serving here as release film. Furthermore 
polyester films which are used for packaging applications 
for medical products are part of the product range.

After facing a rough time during the global economic crisis, the 
CEO Peter D. Dornier of Lindauer DORNIER GmbH is delighted that 
both sectors, weaving as well as special machinery department, 
realize a recovery. On his part Max Müller was pleased to spend 
a visit to the DORNIER plant in Esseratsweiler to inspect the 
parts which are now about to be assembled to the new film 
stretching line in Kempten. The first line of its kind was 
supplied by DORNIER in 2002.

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