Monday, April 2, 2012

[ Technical Textiles for Mechanical Engineers.]

Technical textiles in mechanical engineering.
The 5th InnoZug Convention on 7 and 8 May 2012 at the Chemnitz University of Technology
High-strength synthetic fibers: in the automotive industry they can be used in moving displays, and in wind turbines they might be found in new energy storage systems. "The importance of technical textiles in mechanical engineering is growing all the time," says Dr. Markus Michael, who leads the working group on rope and lifting technology at the Chemnitz University of Technology. The group is organizing the 5th InnoZug Convention. The purposes of the event are to facilitate the exchange of ideas between industry and research, to provide an overview of current trends in the development of textile-based machine elements, and to generate ideas for new products and research topics.
Visitors expected from all over Europe
Speakers from the worlds of industry and research will be presenting their current projects and new developments in the field of textile materials for pulling and lifting equipment. Lectures will be grouped in three themes: "Textiles for pulling and lifting in mechanical engineering", "Manufacture, tailoring and testing of textiles for pulling and lifting" and "The construction and dimensioning of fiber ropes; new high-performance fibers for technical applications". Around 100 visitors from all over Europe are expected to attend.
Links to mtex and LiMA trade shows
"The importance of the Convention in mechanical engineering can be seen from the fact that it is linking up with the mtex and LiMA fairs for the first time," says Dr. Michael. He goes on to explain: "The fee for the convention also includes admission to the trade shows, which are taking place in Chemnitz from 8 to 10 May. Guests to the convention will also qualify for discounted exhibitor fees."
New endowed chair established
The event also marks the establishment of a new endowed chair at the Chemnitz University of Technology: "Textile machine elements based on high-strength synthetic fibers", which was initiated as part of the German Federal Ministry of Research`s "InnoProfile Transfer" project. "Five of the region`s small and medium-sized businesses will contribute financially to the endowed chair," says Dr. Michael. "This endowed chair will enable a team of five people to carry on the successful work of InnoZug, the research group which is an off-shoot of InnoProfile."
(Source: Magazine "Produktionstechnik 2012", translated by SprachUnion Chemnitz) Katharina Thehos 29.03.2012

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