Saturday, November 26, 2011

[ Technical Textiles - avalon showcased their products at 66th All India Textile Conference.BANGALORE ].

Model Scan or
Customer Profile -Adjust Symmetry and Balance - Adjust Shape and Measurements -Present 3D Virtual Body -Create Reference and Final AlvaForm - How alvanon does this and presents it for universal use is the back bone of our apparel industry.

Their Process.

Each AlvaForm development is a collaborative experience. It begins
with a personal evaluation session to select the right service package
and the right AlvaForm to suit your needs and purpose. Each stage of
the development process is reviewed with your technical team. This
collaborative working effort is the key to our outstanding success.

3D Virtual Body Development: The AlvaForm is created in 3D, which is
virtually sculpted by our creative team. The process involves working with the
geometry and the human anatomy to maintain proportion, while keeping
the posture and balance to reflect the required apparel fit angles.

Reference AlvaForm Review: Once approved, the 3D virtual body is sent
to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for a life size prototype for
your team to assess the body shape and review for proper garment fitting.

Final AlvaForm Production:

Each AlvaForm goes through rigorous quality check points by our team of skilled engineers and quality technicians.

We collaborate with your production teams to ensure that all vendors
have access to purchase your AlvaForm. Our vendor compliance program
allows you to monitor which suppliers have purchased and are using
your AlvaForm. This ensures a standard of fit throughout your supply chain.
AlvaForms are available in several different versions and in a full range
of sizes for both genders. We will work with you to choose the best
solution for your needs. For further information or to request an AlvaForm
Catalog please contact us directly. ( LINK given below)

The 3D Creative Team.

Their 3D Creative Team consists of skilled 3D modeling artists led by our
Creative Director, Daniel Naranjo. As a professional sculptor, Daniel has
traded bronze and clay for a mouse and computer to create 3D form
art for apparel brands around the world. Our 3D team is trained in life
sculpting which ensures that we communicate human anatomy as well as
execute your required specifications.


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