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[ Technical Textiles - Invista launches Lycra Fusion fibre at Verona legwear event.]

Invista launches Lycra Fusion fibre at Verona legwear event.

13 October 2009 – Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers and the owner of the Lycra fibre brand, launched Lycra Fusion fibre, a new technology, to the industry at its international Lycra fibre MOVES event in Verona last week. The innovation promises to push boundaries within legwear industry and design world. The Lycra fibre MOVES event welcomed over 300 key players from 24 countries to celebrate the launch.

“Developing technologies that ultimately respond to consumer needs is fundamental to driving the hosiery sector and Lycra Fusion fibre offers a solution to problems encountered by many consumers. ‘Ladders’ in hosiery – an abrasion on the surface of hosiery which breaks the knit, is a common occurrence and the introduction of Invista’s latest innovation is expected to set a new benchmark in textiles for apparel applications”, says Invista.

Lycra Fusion fibre

Lycra Fusion fibre is based on Invista’s new patent-pending technology. Invista says that the bi-component technology delivers fusibility with superior stress-strain performance functions helping to prevent runs whilst maintaining stretch and recovery benefits that are essential to the brand’s rich heritage.

According to Invista, Lycra Fusion fibre helps make hosiery ladder resistant, improves the durability and wear life of legwear, delivers exceptional fit and maintains shape retention, can be adopted by hosiery makers on commercial machines and processes, provides a uniform appearance to hosiery and will be available from key brands next year

The launch will be supported by a new Lycra fibre brand campaign developed by Maria Werbeagentur GmbH, based in Hamburg, and photographed by Stephan Abry. A woman wearing Lycra Fusion fibre hosiery is surrounded by the motives ‘cactus’ and ‘thorn roses’ which represent beautiful natural scenery yet a potentially dangerous one.

Denise Sakuma, Segment Director for Legwear at Invista says: “We want to communicate this innovation beyond its performance of helping to prevent runs in hosiery, and bring it to an emotional level that directs a message to women: dangers are out there, yet they can feel confident and fearless thanks to Lycra Fusion fibre benefits”.

Invista says that Lycra Fusion fibre hosiery is readily available in Spain starting this month and will be on-shelf in the UK from December 2009.

Lycra fibre MOVES forum

The Lycra fibre MOVES forum introduced key speakers that were chosen specifically by Invista for their pioneering roles within their field. The lectures and sessions discussed topics fundamental to the changing face of businesses and presented valuable insights. Attendees gained a deeper understanding about the economic and financial outlook, the modern-day consumer, industry market and technology insights, the power of social media on purchasing decisions, latest innovations and sustainability efforts, extending the valuable learning curve the event provided.

Serge Vigouroux, Executive Vice President, Marketing Business at Invista said, “Launching an innovation and hosting a high profile event during this tough economic climate demonstrates Invista’s commitment to supporting the industry. The launch of Lycra Fusion fibre is set to lead the way in providing consumers with practical answers to their everyday needs and we are delighted to be giving women a helping hand in saying goodbye to ladders in hosiery. The investment behind the event in Verona has been significant. However, bringing together the industry’s movers and shakers and presenting insightful learnings has ensured that the event has become a global success”.

Invista showcased an exhibition that culminated in a well-attended Gala dinner which was dedicated to celebrating 50 years of value and partnership associated to the Lycra fibre brand and the hosiery industry. Guests were guided through the decades from 1959 till 2009 with bespoke still and live displays reminiscent of each fashion era. Hosiery products from key brands and retailers were prominently featured in each decade’s display. The black tie evening perfectly combined fifty years of the Lycra fibre brand history with new forward-thinking innovations.

During the dinner, David Trerotola, President of Apparel Business at Invista awarded Mr. Nerino Grassi, President of Golden Lady Company, for 40 years of outstanding contribution to the development of the legwear industry. This recognition was acclaimed by all guests. Attendees were then treated to artistic performances that united a touch of opera singing, metal music, ballet and freestyle dance.

Exemplifying the positive response from participants, expert speaker Richard Medley, Managing Director from communications specialists Publicis Consultants UK, said: “Invista took the celebration of fifty years of the Lycra fibre brand, the launch of its new technology and insightful speaker forums and showed the world the power of brand partnerships. The two-day event thoroughly embraced innovation and showed attendees the best way to respond to their consumer needs and experiences.”

The Lycra fibre MOVES event was hosted in partnership with The Hosiery Association (USA), Lonati and Santoni, who hosted their ‘open house’ from October 8th till 10th and Centro Servizi Calza. The BCC Castel Goffredo bank was a major sponsor of the ‘50 years of value and partnership’ exhibition.

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