Sunday, July 25, 2010

[ Technical Textiles - Do we have such a plant in INDIA.]

Hivesa Textil S.L., is a company renowned for its experience in the national and international textile market, specializing in processing regenerated fibers.
Founded in 1999, this young company bases its success on the extensive experience and competence of its highly skilled workforce within the textile sector. The company is in continuous growth and development, as demonstrated by our expansion into other sectors.
Hivesa is able to accomplish its main goal of satisfying all of our customers needs with our quality, service and price. Behind this achievement is the continuous effort of an excellent team, capable of managing risk and making decisions aimed at sustaining growth.
We are amongst the few companies prepared to manipulate large volumes of industrial textile waste material.
Our activities are centered mainly on the sale of the following grades:-

* Shredded material, fibers and textile waste material. 
* Syntethics: Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, and more... 
* Acrylics. 
* Cotton and synthetic cotton. 
* Wools. 
* Viscose.
We are a company that transform and trade all kinds of the textile matters: cotton, polypropylene, acrylic, rayon, nylon,... In the first qualities, sub-standar and recycled.
We have great experience in the preparation of: 
* Flock for threads of open-end and carding white, black and colors. 
* Fibers for filling-in.
* Fibers for geotextile and needle. 
* Fibers for the manufacture of insulating. 
* Fibers filling-in of all kinds.
* Production of blankets. 
* Open end spinning. 
* Carded spinning. 
* Production of non-woven fabrics. 
* Fillings (wrists, cushions and others).
We cover the national market as well as practically the entire international market, where we have special relationships with different European, North African and Asian countries.

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