Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[ Technical Textiles - What did our Research Organizations do.?]

We have in our country 4 major textile research organizations known as SITRA,BTRA,ATIRA and NITRA.They all meet for a joint technological conference,the 51st such meeting was held on Saturday, 10th April, 2010 at Gahziabad. These organizations are well known to textile technocrats and industrialists as well as Govt of India,Ministry of Textiles.What were the topics that was relevent to technical textiles. The 4 Research Organizations have independently conducted and talked about their work and any serious research in Technical Textiles is insignificant on international level except NITRA which has peanut buttered the technical textiles research.
How much money have they received from Govy of India to carry out such research as reported which perhaps may not get them even a Patent.
1 - Emerging trends in textile materials for personal protectiom.by NITRA.
2 - Design and Fabrication of bacterial filteration efficiency tester.by BTRA.
3 - Interpretation of test results - geo synthetic prospective.by SITRA.
4 - Nano textiles.by ATIRA.
5 - Improving yarn quality through removing contamination mannually
along with electronic contamination seperator.by - NITRA.
6 - Occarence of forign fiber events in India yarn.by - ATIRA.
7 - Studies on atmospheric pressure plasma treatment,of polyester/cotton
blended fabric.by - BTRA.
8 - Design and devolopment of micro controller based energy saving and
information system for air compressor used in textile mills.SITRA
9 - A new approch to colorimetric determination of phenol in water
and textile effluents.NITRA

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