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[ Technical Textiles - TenCate Performance Warranty for synthetic turf.]

8 April 2010, Almelo

Netherlands based synthetic turf producer TenCate Grass and process certifier INTRON have entered into a cooperation agreement in order to be able to issue FIFA 2-Star level performance warranties on synthetic turf systems. FIFA 2-Star is the level of performance that the football federation FIFA has defined for premier league football.

Builders of synthetic turf systems will be quality control certified by INTRON after the cooperation agreement was concluded following the performance warranty that TenCate Grass launched at the end of 2009. Oranjewoud Realisatie is the first company that has been certified by INTRON.

All parties involved in the construction of synthetic turf football pitches, from the designer and supplier to the building contractor and maintenance company, must demonstrate that they satisfy the quality criteria certified by INTRON, before they can participate in the building of a synthetic turf sports pitch for which an insured performance warranty will be issued. The warranty will be offered by TenCate under the name TenCate Performance Warranty, in close cooperation with insurance company Allianz Global Risks Nederland.

As a market leader in the synthetic turf industry, TenCate Grass says it aims to effect constant improvement in the quality aspects that determine the durability and safety of sports pitches. This can only be achieved by means of optimum cooperation within the entire chain, the company says.

Integrated synthetic turf system.

TenCate Grass produces the components that are vital for the performance of a synthetic turf pitch, namely the grass fibres and the backing for the grass carpet. According to TenCate, the quality and durability of an integrated synthetic turf system are determined by the way in which all these components are assembled, installed and maintained.

INTRON has developed life-cycle management systems for the synthetic turf market, focusing on the quality assurance of the production of the materials; the design stage of the synthetic turf system; the installation of the system components (the 'Installation of sports pitches' process certificate was introduced in 2009 under the supervision of NOC*NSF [Dutch Olympics Committee*Dutch Sports Federation] and the KNVB [Dutch Football Association]); Control and maintenance.

Innovative developments.

TenCate says its TenCate Performance Warranty fits in seamlessly with FIFA's global programmes to standardize the quality of synthetic turf football pitches and to promote innovative developments within the synthetic turf industry. This first insured performance warranty relating to quality and durability offers important assurances to the owners and operators of synthetic turf pitches. They will no longer have to worry about durability and performance. The TenCate Performance Warranty will be offered through selected business partners.

Guido Vliegen, Group Commercial Director of TenCate Grass, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with INTRON, saying: “We are convinced that this performance warranty will enable TenCate to meet an important market need. After all, it gives football clubs maximum assurance that a new synthetic turf pitch will continue to satisfy major performance requirements during its agreed lifespan. Thanks to this cooperation agreement with INTRON, the chain of certified builders will also continue to direct its full attention to the durability of a FIFA 2-Star guaranteed synthetic turf system.”


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