Sunday, August 9, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Research in Ambient Imaging Fabrics.]

American Scientists have designed smart clothes that could one day take pictures of everything happening around them.The smart fabric can detect the wave length and direction of light falling on it.

The research team has found a way to accurately place sensors in each fiber and co-ordinate the electrical signals they send when light falls on them.

The results were a step towards " ambient light imaging fabrics " said the researchers.Led by Yoel Fink from MIT,the researchers have extended earlier work that placed sensors in relatively large polymer fibers.

Fink and colleagues found a way to stretch the 25 mm strands of polymer in to much thinner fibers while maintaining the relative positions of the sensors.This earlier work has led to the creation of very long and flexible light and temperatures sensors that may find a role in smart fabrics for soldiers or hose working in hostile environments


Times of India,Bangalore. dt.11/07/09.

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