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[ Research Organization - NITRA Leads other TRA's.]

[ NITRA Races ahead of other TRA's.]

NITRA e-Bulletin.

Issue XV, August, 1-15, 2009.

Friends, the last financial year has been very significant for NITRA in spite of the fact that the Indian textile & apparel industry has witnessed a severe recessionary phase over the said period. During this crucial juncture, NITRA continued to play a very
supportive role for the industry and helped in its revival and growth. The organization has registered a whopping 25% rise in clients even in a cash-strapped market condition during the year. Another most notable development for NITRA is establishment of Centre of Excellence (Protech) for protective textiles- an integral segment of the fast growing technical textiles. In order to truly exploit the potential of
technical textiles in the country, NITRA and IIT Delhi, being asked by the Ministry of Textiles, are in the process of setting up a Centre of Excellence (Protech) with NITRA
as lead partner. The centre will have infrastructure facilities to carry out testing of technical textiles and will be fully operational by the end of this year. In addition to
above, NITRA’s other activities - consultancy, quality evaluation and manpower training have also shown considerable growth during the reported period. In this issue we briefly present before you NITRA’s activities in the last one year.

Research projects completed : 04

Research projects ongoing: 08

Research projects conceived for future R&D: 09

Dissertation projects ongoing: 04

Research papers: 13

Patent obtained: 03

Technical consultancies: 42

International consultancy: 01

Technical opinions & defect analysis: 107

Quality evaluation in NITRA labs: 6327

Manpower training programs: 22

Manpower training for overseas participants: 04

Persons trained by NITRA: 442

Clients served: 501

New clients inducted: 104

NITRA e-Bulletin: 24

Exhibitions/trade fairs attended:143


Technical assistance/consultancies: 104

Design developed: 129

Liaison visits: 2734

Market survey: 92

Samples tested: 3948

Persons trained: 631

Looms served: 156

Exhibitions/seminars organized:143.

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